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Hair Tips: Protective Hairstyles For Harmattan

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The harmattan season is upon us and everyone is battling with dry lips and scalp. Most times, the weather affects not just our body system but our hair and taking care of the hair by making protective hairstyles for harmattan is a very good way of doing this.

Not everyone knows the hairstyle to make in this season full of dust and cold at the same time. So here are protective hairstyles for harmattan;
Mini Cornrows
Wearing cornrows will protect your hair from the harsh weather and you can easily moisturize hair and scalp this way. There are also loads of funky styles you can make with cornrows.

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Wigs afford you the luxury of taking it and putting it back on whenever you feel like it. It enables you apply moisturizer whenever you want and this protects the hair underneath. Wigs are one of the protective hairstyles for harmattan.
protective hairstyle for harmattan
This is for those women and also very suitable for children who do not mind spending a few hours to braid their hair. Box braid is the perfect style for you This season. We just love everything about this style; from the size to the length is simply gorgeous! If you are looking to achieve classy and trendy at the same time, this is the perfect style for you! And the braid below too is also a must-do this season to protect both natural and relaxed hairs!

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Faux Locs
A very popular protective hairstyle, dreads have over time been a go-to hairstyle for people with Afrocentric hair. Recently, it has become even easier to get dreads done without the years of effort it usually takes. Faux locs have become a trendy, popular option not only because they are effortlessly cool, but also because they are incredibly chic. They come in different colors and can last for more than a month with proper maintenance. This makes them perfect for your protective needs. They can be done by twisting or braiding your natural hair and then proceeding to wrap more synthetic hair around your hair until it’s completely covered. It’s a great way to avoid leaving your natural hair exposed to the cold air because it is completely hidden.
Protective Hairstyles For HarmattanTrending video of the day;

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