Everything Na Man! Pretty Mike Slams Didi Ekanem For Statement About Men

Didi Ekanem anda Pretty Mike
Popular Lagos socialite and entrepreneur Pretty mike has slammed actress Did Ekanem for her recent statement on men, and he cannot understand why everything must be on the man.
Recall that Didi Ekanem, in an Instagram story said all a ma. can do for her is support her growth rather than give her money or gifts. she further went to say some men would rather do the latter and not be interested in setting the lady up. Reacting in an Instagram story, Pretty Mike lamented how on a daily basis, people keep dishing out how men must do for and to the women and not the other way round. Going further in another story, Pretty Mike said he’ll however be in the position of the doing for the women than the other way around.
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He then noted that men are always ready to do for the women and will always keep doing for them. The women, in turn, he said, should also not just collect from them but learn to rub their backs too.
Didi Ekanem anda Pretty Mike
Didi Ekanem anda Pretty Mike
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