Pretty Mike Does It Again! Socialite Attends Williams Uchemba’s Wedding With 6 Pregnant Women

Controversial Lagos socialite and club owner, Pretty Mike was at his friend Williams Uchemba’s wedding yesterday, but he did so in some style that left everyone stunned with a thing or two say. Pretty Mike made history as he attended the wedding in the company of an entourage of 6-heavily pregnant women. Pretty Mike and his 6 pregnant women

The social life trendiest, referred to the women as his “6 baby mothers to be”. He even had to clear the air saying this is no film trick rather he is just living his best life.

This is Pretty’s first time of creating a major scene while attending an event. He was once called in for questioning after he attended an event accompanied by a number of women on dog leashes. Earlier this year he attended the AMVCA’s with 6 women dresses as his evil demons with him dressed as the chief demon in white.Pretty Mike

Also, in 2019, he attended an event with four dwarfs carrying a calabash.Lagos Socialite Pretty Mike Debunks Allegations Of Taking Advantage Of Girls

Watch a video of him and his entourage of pregnant women below.


Photo Credit: Getty

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