4 Best Foods To Eat When You Are On Your Period

It is expected women have their period, that is the monthly circle, but looking at it that is the the period they have mood sings, weird food craving, weird food craving, cramping, bloating etc and what you eat and do can actually help ease this period.
Wondering what to eat to make you feel better during your period then keep reading as we highlight various food that makes you feel better.
1 Banana:

Changes in hormones level cause your body to retain water. Potassium-rich foods like banana, potato helps balance your body sodium level and reduce bloating.
2 Turmeric & Ginger:

Menstrual cramps isn’t limited to lower abdomen as some women experience discomfort in the lower back and upper thigh area. Turmeric and Ginger both contain anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease muscle cramps. Make some ginger tea or put turmeric in a delicious food and feel better.
3 Complex Carbohydrate:

This is due to the fact that of the high level of food cravings experienced during periods, the best food to eat to avoid slipping up is to eat foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer.
4 Low fat yoghurt:

Taking this is not meant for calcium but increase in-take help you reduce cramps, pain and mood swings usually experience during your period.

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