Pope Francis Has This To Say About The Forceful Separation Of Migrant Children

Pope Francis slammed the separation of migrant children from their parents in the United States.

The top Catholic clergyman said the seperation is “contrary to our Catholic values and immoral.”
Pope Francis was referring to the situation in the United States America, where over two thousand children who crossed the border illegally between May and June were forcefully taken from parents who were detained for their offence.

Speaking shortly before the global World Refugee Day, Pope Francis said: “Populism is not the solution. Populists are creating psychosis on the issue of immigration.”
Pope Francis statement came shortly after Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini blocked a ship carrying 630 migrants in Italian waters from docking in the country on the grounds that many of the foreigners arriving in Italy are not true refugees but economic migrants.

Photo Credit: Getty


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