Poor Man Mentality! OAP Dotun Slams Femi Otedola’s Troll

OAP Dotun
OAP Dotun has had it hot with a tweep who trolled Femi Otedola for buying his daughters Ferarri amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
The tweep @Abu_swag is of the opinion that purchasing the cars is an absolute waste of resources as the businessman could have helped the many who are jobless and currently struggling to survive as a result of the pandemic.

Replying with irritation, OAP Dotun noted that the tweep’s mentality is that of a poor person. “If you are looking for an example of a poor man’s mentality This is it This is what you should be telling your father not someone else’s father for buying his daughters cars What did your father do with his own time and money? Oh! I know .. he had you“, he replied.
The tweep won’t hands down and he made a comeback for the presenter. “Bruh you are a hypeman, which is a packaged word for Bambiala. I dare you to DM me your price for a hype and I would credit your account NOW“, he tweeted.
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Firing back, Dotun wrote, “Use that money to take care of your family. You can’t even afford a tweet. two more of these, you might have to borrow data. Use that money for the same reason that made you angry. Elevate your mind not your followers. Again, what was your father doing with his money & time?“, he fired back.
OAP Dotun slams troll, asks him to elevate his mind from poverty mentality
Photos Credit: Twitter

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