Politicians Have Turned Insecurity Into A Medium For Personal Gains-Governor Bello Matawalle

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state has come out to slam politicians in Nigeria over the present state of insecurity in the country. The governor explained that it is possible to end the insecurity in Nigeria but politicians have refuse to do that so they can continue to make money out of insecurity.

Governor Bello MatawalleHe revealed that the politicians are to be blame for the state of insecurity in the nation and have also refuse to appreciate the military for it effort in combating insecurity in the country. “We, the politicians, are to be blamed for the intractable security challenges bedeviling our communities. It is evident that some politicians exploit insecurity for political gains. These unscrupulous politicians would hardly commend the military for their successes at the battlefronts. 

“However, they would be eager to rush to the media to report attacks by bandits or other miscreants. “For this crop of politicians, politics is not about genuine commitment to the wellbeing of the people; it is all about power and nothing more.

“I, therefore,urge the security agencies to deal decisively with anyone found politicising security no matter how highly placed he is. It is by so doing that we can significantly address the current security challenge confronting not just the north-west, but the entire federation.” Bello Matawalle.
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