Police Officer Resigns After Being Caught Having S3x With Suspect In Backseat Of Patrol Van


A San Diego police officer has resigned after accidentally locking himself in the back seat of his patrol car with a female suspect after she propositioned him to have sex.

The police department has released the embarrassing findings from its probe into Anthony Hair, after he and other officers arrested two people for alleged car theft last August.

Hair turned on his body camera as he took the female suspect to the local jail in San Diego and their encounter and conversation was captured on video.

The woman was heard asking him if he was married or single, while also admitting she didn’t mind working the system and bluntly saying, “I’m down to f*** right now.” Shocked, Hair ordered her not to talk that way because their discussion was being recorded.

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After a few minutes, Hair switched off his body camera and his police cruiser slowed to a crawl as he turned down a dark road, according to a GPS tracking system affixed to his vehicle, which suddenly came to a halt.

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About 20 minutes later, Hair radioed another officer requesting the master key for all patrol cars. That officer was later questioned by Internal Affairs investigators, telling them Hair was panicked as he confessed to being locked in the back of his patrol car with the woman.

police supervisor responded and unlocked the car door. Hair claimed to Internal Affairs the door accidentally shut after he got into the back seat to check on the suspect. He also said his bodycam got knocked off his clip somehow as he emerged from his patrol car.

Investigators busted their lies when they tested Hair’s clothes for semen and found traces of it on his belt. Hair resigned from the force in September 2023.

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