Platform Capital Chairman, Akintoye Akindele To Be Arraigned Over Allegations Of Bribery, Theft And Embezzlement

A Lagos State businessman and investor, Dr Akintoye Akindele has been charged to court over allegations of bribery, theft, and embezzlement.

The philanthropist is accused of deceit and exploitation by defrauding investors and partners. He was first arraigned in August 2023 and the case is set to proceed to the FCT High Court on December 6, 2023.

In August, he was arraigned on one count bordering on bribery. The suit numbered CR/595/2023, had the Acting Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun as the Plaintiff/Applicant.

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According to the police prosecution team, the defendant allegedly offered to bribe policemen investigating a case of fund diversion brought against him. 

Investors alleged to have fallen victim to the accused are calling for justice as they look forward to the Dec. 6 hearing.

“This date marks a crucial juncture in the quest for justice, where the allegations will be scrutinized in a court of law,”
 a statement reacting to the coming hearing reads.

deltaThe statement adds that: “Reputable institutions who tend to shy away from public feuds or legal wranglings, such as Norsad Capital, were compelled to place Akindele’s Platform Capital into receivership due to a default on a $10 million loan.”

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It further stated: “The allegations against Akindele paint a picture of a disturbing pattern of deceit and exploitation. Accusations of stealing from individuals, defrauding his own company, and cheating others out of substantial sums suggest a complete lack of ethical conduct. If proven true, these actions could irreparably damage Akindele’s reputation and have far-reaching consequences for those entangled in his web of deception.

“As the Akintoye Akindele bribery case continues to capture headlines, the eyes of the Nigerian public and the investment community remain fixed on the upcoming court proceedings. The December 6th court date will potentially bring an end to Akindele’s alleged 20-year career of deceit and exploitation. The outcome of this case has the power to reshape perceptions of ethical conduct within the business community and serve as a warning against those who seek to undermine trust for personal gain

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