Heart Warming New Photos Of Ilorin Woman And Daughters With Blue Eyes

A group Nigerian Creatives decided to come together and gave Ilorin Mother with blue eyes Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami, and her daughters, a makeover and the photo shared online is absolutely lovely. The lead creative Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa also spoke to Risikat and she shared some interesting revelations.

Heart Warming New Photos Of Ilorin Woman And Daughters With Blue EyesThe Ilorin Mother revealed that she would not change her eye colour if a technology was invented today that could transform her eyes to blue. The creatives also released a documentary explaining the rare trait of this Ilorin mother and her daughters.

OCULAR ALBINISM: Ocular Albinism is a genetic condition /Mutation ,with the lack of pigmentation at the back of the eyes . Melanin is provided by our cells called Melanocytes , which is found in your skin, hair and eyes .several genes provide instructions for the making of proteins involved in the production of melanin .

It’s proven that behind every Brown eyes , there is a blue eye. The only difference is the thin layer of the pigment on the surface . If the Pigment is away the the light can enter the stroma and reflects back the blue end of the spectrum

It was believed that the light skin arose in Europeans 40,000 years ago , soon after the people left the tropical Africa for higher latitude .as they moved to the colder regions , needed something to synthesize Vitamins D in places where the UV light is lower , and that caused the change in the mutation of the genes .

Photo Credit: Instagram


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