Photographers, Stop Editing My Pimples – Rema

As he clocks 21, singer Rema has set the streets of Twitter on fire as he spilled a lot of things, in one of which he asked photographers to stop painting a perfect image of him by taking away his acne in photographs.
Since noon, Rema has been in what tweeps call the Kanye mood, which has set the American rapper’s name on one of the top trends of the day.Rema
“Photographers stop editing my pimples so people don’t feel I’m perfect and start pressuring themselves to have perfect skin! I don’t fuck with the rules of the game, I don’t care what people think about me anymore! let people love me for me!”, he tweeted.
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Much more concerned about his originality tan living fake life, Rema added in another tweet, “I will repeat my clothes, I don’t care if I’ve worn it before, laugh at me all you want I bought it with my hard earned money, I’m rich you’re not and you’re judging me? Lol some of your favs are owing they stylist and that’s FACTS!”.
He then sent some words to singers who do not give enough credit their producers. Noting that the music makers are the backbone behind any hit song, Rema asked the singers whom he said are selfish to let their producers eat, giving them at least publishing percentahe and the right royalty.
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“Producers don’t get enough credit, they are the backbone to any HIT song! At least give them the right royalty & publishing percentage, y’all niggas forgetting who took y’all vocals fr? y’all selfish. Yo let them eat! I give my producers what they deserve and that’s FACTS!”, he wrote in another tweet.
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