Peter Obi’s Camp Disagrees With Atiku Abubakar Over Six-Year Presidential Single-Tenure Proposal

peter obi

The Labour Party (LP) Presidential Campaign Council of Peter Obi, has disagreed with the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar over his proposal to have a single tenure of six years for Nigerian democratically elected presidents.


The LP Campaign council Spokesman, Yunusa Tanko, who stated this in an interview with newsmen, however, agreed with Atiku, that the decision of the Supreme Court affirming the February presidential election of Bola Tinubu was unfortunate.

Atiku, had during a press conference in Abuja earlier on Monday, explained that by the judgment of the Supreme Court on October 26, 2023, the apex court has supported forgery, perjury, identity theft, and illegality.

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In his reaction, the LP Campaign spokesman said, “I do not share this idea of a single six-year term in office. I am saying this because we could have a situation where a leader who crookedly subverted the will of the people could manipulate itself into power using court cases. What if we end up having a tyrant who wants to rule us for six years and we cannot do anything about it simply because the Constitution and other apparatus have made him what he is? But with four years, there is an opportunity to challenge that particular leader, except he is willing to right his wrong.

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“The fact is that the right thing must be done always. No matter how long you try to hide the truth, it will come out one day. People do not believe in this system anymore. That notwithstanding, Atiku has also made a valid point with his recommendation for an electoral reform. The judiciary, police and INEC must also be reformed. These are basic institutions that have already been captured by this particular government.

“You can see what is happening in the Supreme Court where they are already indicting themselves. We are talking about a reputable justice of the apex court, Muhammad Dattijo, making allegations against his institution. That shows we still have judges with a conscience. Above all, we need to look for a way to make INEC truly independent.”

peter obi

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