Pervert! Man Arrested After Being Caught ‘Raping His Next Neighbour’s Cat’

A perverted man has been arrested by police and faces charges of bestiality after being caught stark naked having sex with his next-door-neighbour’s cat.The Reaction Unit South Africa team got an emergency call from a woman saying she heard her pet screaming in distress and went looking to investigate. She said she followed the squeals to a property next to hers and went into his home and found him totally undressed having sex with her cat from behind. The distraught cat owner reported that he had hold of her cats’ rear legs and was having sex with her and refused to stop what he was doing when challenged.The RUSA team rushed to the scene at Buffelsdrai in KwaZulu-Natal province and found the man undressed and noticed his pants nearby covered in cat hair. RUSA spokesman Prem Balrman said: “I took the call and went out myself and went to the house and found the door locked so I put it in and went inside. To my total shock I found a man indeed raping a cat. He was naked. I told him to get dressed and the cat ran off.  There was cat fur all over his pants. He told me was just playing with the cat then admitted he had raped it.Neighbours told me he had been caught raping cats and dogs before but his girlfriend always begged them not to report him but I was having none of it. I called the police and am pushing for him to be charged with raping that cat.  I found the cat in the garden and it was very traumatised after what happened. The SPCA are treating it and we handed the man over to the police” he said. The distressed cat had suffered internal injuries and was handed over to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by Mr Balram for vet treatment. The pervert was handed over to the South African Police Service.Photo Credit: Getty

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