‘I’ll Stay Here’ – Pep Guardiola Commits To Manchester City Despite UEFA Ban

Pep Guardiola who is coach to premier league side, Manchester City has reiterated and reaffirmed his dedication and desire to seeing his club win multiple trophies in this season and the next.
Recall that European football’s governing body, UEFA had announced that a ban will be placed on the club for breach of Financial fair play rules with a fine of 25 million pound.
Reports have since said that Guardiola will be leaving the club due to this and will not stay. However, Guardiola believes that this ban will be ruled out by the Court of Arbitration for Sports.
He said “I’m confident that we’ll play in Europe next season. I’m pretty sure we’ll defend our position.
If they don’t sack me, I will stay here more than ever. I want to stay longer than the contract that I have. I want to help the club grow and maintain this level for as long as possible. Why should I leave?
It’s not finished, it’s not over. You fight no matter what and the club is going to do that. There are two sides. The club say it is not true. I love this club.

Pep Guardiola also spoke about his ex-boss, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who was grateful to UEFA for following through with Financial Fair Play punishments.
“If they are happy we are suspended, I say to the president of Barcelona, give us two appeals.
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I ask right now the people trust what they have done. ‘Don’t talk too loud Barcelona’ that is my advice because everybody is involved in situations. We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future we can play in the Champions League against Barcelona,” Pep Guardiola said.
Pep Guardiola
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