People Called Me Lesbian For Choosing To Abstain From Pre Marital Sex – Juliana Olayode

Olayode Juliana

Nollywood actress Olayode Juliana, popularly known as Toyo Baby, has opened up about the negative comments she received from the public after announcing her decision to abstain from premarital sex.

Juliana Olayode

She made the revelation in a podcast, Bible Stories with Veekee James.

The 27-year-old actress is known for her advocacy of sexual purity and has been vocal about her beliefs.

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In the podcast, Juliana recounted how she lost her virginity at 17 years to her married teacher. However, after giving her life to Christ, she decided to forgive her teacher and move on. She now believes that adhering to God’s standard of sex can prevent issues like rape, abuse, infidelity, and paedophilia.

Despite her beliefs, Juliana faced criticism from the public when she announced her decision to abstain from sex until marriage. She explained that people left negative comments on her social media pages and sent insulting emails to her.

She said “When I gave my life to Christ genuinely, I realized that I had to let go of the pain I had carried and then I moved to the word of God that told us to abstain from sex until marriage.

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I realized that if everyone can adhere to God’s standard of sex, there will be no rape, no abuse, no molestation, no infidelity in marriages, no paedophiles, everyone will live according to God’s standard”

“When I announced my abstinence from sex until marriage, People left the comment section and my DM, went to my bio, saw my email and sent emails insulting me for my decision. They were calling me a lesbian, a masturbator, a porn addict for saying my Truth.”

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