Pathetic Oxygen Wasting Vessels! Aisha Yesufu Blows Hot On Troll

Aisha Yesufu
Aisha Yesufu has again proven that when she is trolled, she wouldn’t let it sink into her skin but will shake it off immediately and move on to the next one.
The agro-businesswoman has recently been termed a destroyer who is on a mission to destroy the North, and has been asked to take off her hijab to show that she is a true Northerner.
Firing back, Aisha Yesufu wrote, “I cannot because I believe you are not an oxygen wasting vessel and you can lead protests. So go fight for the North you are. Being a man is not just about marrying 4 wives but also about fighting against injustice and tyranny. Get the guts to do so. Stop hiding behind my hijab!”
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When it is time to cook they know they are men. When it is time to marry they know they can marry 4 wives. When it is time to face Shekau they hide behind women they say cannot rule them. Pathetic oxygen wasting vessels. Call #ICCIF to fight for you. He is your Commander-in-chief“, she tweeted.
She went further to wonder why people do not realise the insecurity in the nation is due to the incompetence of the President. “Same oxygen wasting vessels that say protest is haram when the protest is against Buhari’s incompetence will ask you to protest against the insecurity in the North. How on earth do they not realise the insecurity is due to the incompetence of Buhari? A failed Commander-in-chief!”

Aisha Yesufu
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