Friday, September 29, 2023

Parents Of Missing 16-Month-Old Found Without Vital Organs Speak Out

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Mrs. Saudatu Abdullahi, the mother of a 16-month-old baby named Muhammad Abidin, describes finding her missing son dead with his eyes, nose, and mouth missing.

The student-mother of Abidin described her trauma to Labari Daga Bauchi, a local media site, giving a graphic account of how her child went missing as she was getting a lecture at Green Heritage College of Education in Games Village, Bauchi.

She claimed that after eight days of searching, his lifeless body was discovered in a suck-away on the campus of the educational in­stitution.

She said, “I attend NCE classes at Games Village here in Bauchi. I used to go with Abidin, but on Saturday, August 19, 2023, my child went missing while I was in the middle of taking a test.

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“During the test, he used to leave the classroom to play and then return. The first time he left, I brought him back, but later he left again without my knowl­edge.

“As I finished the test, I imme­diately went out to search for him. I checked all the places he usually played, but I couldn’t find him. I noticed his shoes hanging on a window in another classroom.

“I headed straight to that class­room, hoping he would be inside, but unfortunately, he was not there. I searched every classroom in the school, but I couldn’t locate him.

“Returning to our classroom, I informed our lecturer about the situation. My classmates and I searched the entire school prem­ises and nearby areas, including culverts, but we were unable to find him.

“I reported the incident to the Dean of Student Affairs, who then contacted the police station. Since that day, we had not seen him until last Sunday when we discovered his lifeless body.

“The news of Abedin’s death took me by surprise. I never ex­pected that he would not return alive. Unfortunately, I was called to see Abedin’s deceased body, which had already begun to decompose, and some body parts were re­moved.”

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The child’s father, Al-Kasim, also gave an account of how he found the remains of his child.

He said, “At approximately 2:30 p.m., I received a call informing me that my son was missing. Promptly after receiving this dis­tressing news, I reported the case to the Criminal Investigation De­partment (CID) located in Bauchi.

“During the eight-day search for my son, Abidin, I held onto hope that he would be found alive. However, on Sunday at around 2 p.m., I received an urgent call from the school.

“When I arrived at the school, I was confronted with the lifeless body of my dear son. Tragically, his eyes, nose, and mouth had been removed, rendering his face un­identifiable.”

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