Thursday, May 19, 2022

Putting Religion Over Professionalism Is Why Nigeria Is In A Mess – Ali Baba

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Nigerian comedian Ali Baba has again named being over-religious as the reason the Giant of Africa is still in a mess as many times, people leave hard work and the need for professionalism and take to praying for things to happen.
Ali Baba said this in reaction to an Instagram post in which a social media user queried why people depend on anointing for prosperity without having knowledge if the same anointing cannot just make someone a Pilot without education.
“If anointing cannot make you just become a pilot without education, why are you asking the anointing to make you prosper without knowledge and its requisite application? I YAM HASSING FOR SOMBORRI”, @elegbete1 wrote.
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Sharing the picture text on his IG page, Ali Baba followed with a lengthy post, stating that there is a reason for being professionals at the various fields of life. He insisted that one must perfect ones trade, so one can render professional services and so that with prayers, one can become a success story.Ali Baba
“You want a new church, you set up a building committee and task the church members. When the youths want money to buy GCE and JME forms, or start a business, we pray. When it’s time to win souls, we don’t just pray and wait for new members to come, we instruct the congregation to “go into the world and win souls”. You are praying over someone with 1 pass in CRK and 7 F9s to get Admission to read LAW in Unilag… event native law won’t admit him. Why do you look for a driver with experience to drive Mother in Israel? No need for drivers license sef. Employ anyone in the delivery department. Just pray. Super Eagles have a match. No need for training. Just pray. No need for anyone who can play the guitar 🎸, drums, trumpet 🎺 piano 🎹 well. Just pray over a member of the congregation”, he began.
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“Why are you studying for the exam? Just pray the night before. You are on the hospital bed… waiting for a surgery. The surgeon is late, but you see this security is spirit filled. Hand him the tools, scissors ✂️ and things… Point is, there is a reason you are all professionals. You must perfect your trade, so you can render professional services. Be good at what you do… so that with your prayers, you can become a success story. That’s why our country is in a mess. People who shouldn’t be near political offices, are making policies for professionals. And when they fail, they will now start praying and asking God to take control of our country, when they did not do what was supposed to be done. Like NIN… if we had carried out a proper Census in Nigeria, would that not help in planning. Naaaaaaa. We will pray to God to come count us”, he concluded.Arrest Entertainers Who Promote Yahoo Yahoo - Ali Baba To EFCCPhotos Credit: Instagram

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