Oscar 2020: Gabriella Union And Dwayne Wade’s Hair Love Wins Big

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are black couple goals all the way. The power couple were one of the big winners at the just concluded Oscar 2020 with their co-produced movie “Hair Love” winning best animated short film.
Oscar 2020: Gabriella Union And Dwayne Wade's Hair Love Wins Big
Oscar 2020: Gabriella Union And Dwayne Wade’s Hair Love Wins Big

“Hair Love,” an animated film about a black man learning to do his daughter’s natural hair for the first time. The short film was produced by Karen Rupert Toliver, Gabrielle Union, and Dwayne Wade, and it won in the Best Animated Short Film category.

Hair Love is a sweet and joyful story about an African-American father learning to style his daughter’s natural hair in his wife’s absence. The film uses words sparingly; the characters’ gestures and expressions take viewers through the father’s commonplace but poignant endeavor.

One of the film’s messages — embracing and loving your natural hair — was transported to the ceremony itself on Sunday. The actress Gabrielle Union and the former N.B.A. champion Dwyane Wade, married producers of “Hair Love,” invited to the ceremony a black high school student in Texas who was suspended because of the way he wore his dreadlocks.

Hair Love Wins Best Animated Short Film
Hair Love Wins Best Animated Short Film

NFL player Matthew A. Cherry, who directed the film, had created a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, and said:

“We’re trying to promote hair positivity and inspire young kids to take pride in their natural hair, and show black fathers in their kids’ lives”

Accepting the award, he shared that Toliver created the film “because we want to see more representation in animation and to normalize black hair.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Gabriella Union.

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