#EndSARS: The Only Thing We Need To Fight For Is Biafra – Asari Dokubo

Niger Delta activist, Asari Dokubo has stated that the EndSARS protest is a waste of time, and the energy should be rather channelled to fighting for Biafra.

Asari DokuboWriting on his Facebook page, he urged Niger Deltans to stop wasting time in fighting for the same EndSARS battle with the Yorubas and Igbos.

He stated that nothing else will work, and there is no need for the call for restructuring, but rather a shift to the fight for Biafra.

Asari Dokubo wrote, “There is nothing to restructure or remodel about Nigeria. Instead of wasting our (Niger Deltans) time in cooperating with the Yorubas and Igbos in ENDSARS or restructuring protests, the only solution as Niger Delta people is to team together with the Ogonis and the Igbos and Efiks and reinvent Biafra because nobody can oppress the Ijaw man in Biafra.

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“What we need to do is to seek ye first the political kingdom and every other thing will be added to you because you will control and hold your oil.

“Anything else is not going to work unless we stand up and fight for Biafra. Anybody talking about restructuring, Niger Delta republic or an Ibo Biafra is an enemy of our people because biafra most surely come whether you like it or not,” Asari Dokubo wrote.Photo Credit: Twitter

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