Online Troll Calls Kate Beckinsale An Older Lady And Her Response Was Epic

Actress Kate Beckinsale certainly isn’t one to shy away from calling out the trolls online, as she recently replied one that called her a name.

After putting a picture of herself rocking a crop and showing off the abs with the caption: ‘When anxious, wear at least two pairs of trousers and several bras just to tether anything that could panic and kick out.’

One commenter attempted to troll her with: ‘u dress like a teenage but ur a older lady [sic].’ Kate was however not having any of it as she replied: ‘hahaha omg you’re a hoot can we hang out [sic].’

When the rest of her followers sprung into action to defend her and slam the words, the original poster seemed to come back with their tail in between their legs.

‘I also didn’t mean to come across that she doesn’t look good because god blessed her she looks great,’ they wrote after waking up to what can only be described as a torrent of notifications that were not about anything good.Photo Credit: Getty

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