Omoni Oboli Releases Stunning New Photo Of Herself As She Counts Down To Her 40th Birthday

  Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli is set to clock 40 and has been releasing stunning images of herself ahead of the big day. Rocking a beautiful pink outfit for her latest photo, the mum of 4 looked flawless in the photo she captioned; ”As much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men ???❤It’s 16 days to my 40th birthday and I am excited to see what God has in store for me ???. The actress had also earlier in the day, reacted to the murder of singer Alizee, stating that no marriage is worth dying for. In her words; ?????? Arrrrrghhhh I’m so heartbroken! What a waste! Why the innocent baby girl as well?!!! I’m sick to my stomach!!! I decided I HAD to make #WivesOnStrikeTHEREVOLUTIONbecause I was sick and tired of hearing about domestic violence. I used the tool I had, my voice which is film to shed light on a very scary topic! I followed closely a case early last year and this is what I told the victim who thankfully, narrowly escaped with her life…’my dear, marriage is great I know, I’m in it but it’s not the only great thing in life. Life has plenty purpose outside of marriage. Once there’s any form of violence (and I’m speaking for both male and female) run for your life! Forget about what people will say! You can only hear them if you are alive. Believe me, no marriage is worth dying for and nobody is indispensable! Don’t listen to society! Flee!!! If you have kids, take your kids and run!!! Do not ‘stay for the kids’! Even if you survive, they will grow up to hate you for it! Don’t teach the next generation by your actions or inactions that domestic violence should be condoned or tolerated!’ Marriage nor be by force abeg! If you can’t stand the heat, leave the kitchen! If you can’t stand someone anymore or they offended you, leave them before you will say devil pushed you to kill them!  See my brother, my sister, run!!! We’ve gotten many messages from people who were touched by our movie and who now have the courage to speak up and seek help. Pls don’t die in silence. Talk! Shout! Cry! I don’t know what happened in this case but if this man truly murdered this beautiful woman, his wife and his own child may God…may the law take its full course! We are watching!”  Photo Credit: Omoni Oboli

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