OMG! The Result Of This lady’s Botched Lip Filler Procedure Will Shock You

29-year-old Christiana Burton got lip fillers on her lips and the outcome left her and her friend shocked. The beautiful mom of two said she was left with a horrific “sausage lips” after she had the fillers done. Christiana had to be rushed to the hospital due to the size of her lips which continued to swell and prevented her from breathing properly. She used a £75 numbing cream before she undergoes the procedure at her home in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester. She claimed she was told by the beautician that the swelling was normal but hours later she had to be rushed to the hospital to receive adrenaline, oxygen, and steroids. She revealed that she could have died during the botched procedure which she said left her looking like a “duck gone wrong”. She reiterated saying that: “They looked like sausages on my face, I looked like a duck gone wrong. My lips kept getting bigger and bigger and more painful. I thought my lips were going to explode, the pain was unreal. I couldn’t swallow anything. I tried taking antihistamines and painkillers to help with the swelling and I had an ice lolly to keep them cool but they just got out of control. As soon as they put the cream on I just knew something wasn’t right, my lips were tingling and felt like they were swelling up straight away. When you have numbing cream on it does feel like it’s swollen because it’s numb. That time I just felt something wasn’t right – my lips were swelling straight away and I was in pain, which I never usually am. After she left I looked in the mirror and saw they were swollen, my throat was numb and I started struggling to swallow. The swelling was that bad it went up into my nose and it closed my throat and nose. I was struggling to breathe. When it got to that point I had to phone an ambulance.” She added that after she was rushed to the hospital: “The nurses couldn’t believe how badly swollen my lips and the skin between my nose and lips were. The pain felt like they were going to explode, it felt like when something has its own pulse. I couldn’t open my mouth because my lips were that heavy, it was scary.”Photo Credit: Getty


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