Monday, January 30, 2023

An Old Can Of Worms – The Rise Of Sexual Harassment Allegations In The Entertainment Industry

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As the old saying goes, you can never get away with a bad deed. This saying has proven to be 100% true in the American movie industry this year as a chronicle of old sexual harassment allegations brought a pack of might men in Hollywood to their knees.
What started as a small allegation against Harvey Weinstein has opened the aged door to a series of harassment charges against top players in the American movie industry.
After Weinstein’s case, Hollywood has been shocked by a round of dirty cases against lead movie personalities like Kevin Spacey form “House of Cards” and Brett Ratner (producer of “X- Men”).
Some of these men were accused of taking advantage of prospective actresses that came to them for roles in movies while others swung bi-sexually as they harassed both male and female co-workers.
This begs the question: How long has this despicable act been reigning in the entertainment industry? How many more victims of sexual harassment have been silenced in the entertainment industry? and finally, are there traces of sexual harassment in the Nigerian movie industry?
After deep scrutiny, we can actually confirm that this disgusting practice is also a norm in the Nigerian movie industry. A Nigerian actress, Olajuwon Sekinat confirmed it in an interview with
She said “Ah! Permit my bluntness, but it does exist. It is really a virus that has eaten deep into our industry. But like i always tell people, we are all mature enough to accept what we want and reject what we don’t.
The terrible state of the Nigerian judiciary will kill-off any sexual harassment case even before it makes the court desk. So, there is really no one to defend the fragile and desperate prospective national actors that are ready to catch a grenade for a lead movie role.
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