Saturday, October 16, 2021

Olakunle Churchill Reveals All About Relationship With Tonto Dikeh In New Interview

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Churchill Olakunle, estranged husband of Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh is finally coming out to saying his own bit concerning his marriage to the screen star. In a tell-all interview, the popular businessman has finally declared that he is giving up on his marriage and has no interest in settling with the mother of his son. 
Your Relationship With Tonto Dikeh Has Been Marred With Accusations Of Domestic Violence, How Do You Intend To Deal With That And Your New Campaign?
The truth is, what you read in the news is different from reality. My partner fights dirty and that’s what she’s put out there. Tonto will say anything to sound believable and gain public sympathy and that’s what she puts out there. It’s not real, I’ve never laid my hands on her ever. I’m not a violent person and I’m not temperamental, as a matter of fact I don;t take offence on anything at all, that’s how God made me, people who are close to me knows this, when I’m upset about something I simply avoid the offender and come to terms with the fact that I don’t need such vibes around me.
So How Do You Defend Allegations That You Beat Her, Made Her Lose A 4-month Pregnancy And Always Cheat On Her?
They are all fabricated, because my partner believes she’s a celebrity and she can make people believe whatever she wants them to believe and using her celebrity status to manipulate people to believe what she wants and she’s in the business of make-belief but I’m a businessman, a man of very few words too. I am a private person, but she prides herself on the fact that she has the platform and fan base to bring anyone down and she also feels by the time she deals with me, I’ll come back begging.
Reflecting Over Everything Now, Do You Think You Relationship With Her Was A Mistake?
Yes it was and I knew it when I was going into it. I knew I was going into danger, but I was ready to go into it to save her, but right now I do not care anymore, I’m done, I can’ deal with it anymore. I don’t want the relationship anymore. She says I borrowed money from her and I’m like how? where is the evidence? At least I gave her 10 million naira last Christmas and I have proof of payment, so if she borrowed me money, she should prove it.
All these kind of negativity comes from someone who said she fasted 21 days before she met me, someone who said I brought her closer to God, so where is God in this situation and the way she wants my downfall?
Now That You Are Single Again, Would You Consider Going Into Any Relationship Again?
NO. I don’t have any plans for that. Now it’s just business because I’m still in shock.
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