I Am Tired O! Okey Bakassi Laments Incessant Bad News In Nigeria

Nigerian actor and stand up comedian Okey Bakassi is tired and cannot help but lament how incessant bad events are taking place in Nigeria and are being reported in the news in the country.
In a 3 minute 20 second IGTV video he shared on the social media platform, Okey Bakassi noted that the rate of bad, sad and depressing news shared via Nigerian media surpass those from CNN and other international media.
He then noted if he eventually finds solace in and begins to smoke marijuana in the future, no peer pressure influenced him but the depressing situation of Nigeria.
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Just to be sure he is not missing out on somethin, Okey Bakassi then asked in his caption is there is a channel people get good news about Nigeria from. “On what Channel can you find good news about Nigeria? #realitycheck”, he captioned the video. Watch him lament below and see some reactions to his complaint:

Photos Credit: Instagram

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