Obasanjo Lacks Moral Integrity – Otunba Ajiboye

 Following Obasanjo’s comments on how the Buhari-led administration has failed, more Nigerian are reacting with the latest being Otunba Biodun Ajiboye, a former IT consultant cum politician. Otunba Ajiboye is also the National Secretary, National committee of Buhari support Groups.NCBSG ‘Obasanjo lacks moral integrity as an elder statesman, interestingly he when he was president do you believe if he had done things very right, we probably would still have been in this situation as a country? 

 ‘for some reasons very personal he turned around and began to shout on top of his voice how bad this government  is for some strange reasons and some people are listening to him? Some have found out why, which is very personal. Is his recent outburst supposed to suggest that he didn’t know Buhari well enough? A man who was his junior colleague for many years. He came out and spoke to our sensibilities as to how very right he was, Buhari was in 2015, as a leader we followed him, believed in him. Midway, he turns around and says he is no longer competent’.  ‘Obasanjo should get reasonable for once; He needs to be asked how well  he conducted the affairs of this nation when he had the opportunity. To many Nigerians  he lost the moral integrity to recommend any further after many failures. He lost the benefit of foresight as an elder, he gave us Yaradua, he gave us GEJ. The experience of those two can be recounted with some degree of pain and to some abject regrets. He supported Buhari’s selection, Now orchestrating another sing – song is that not  taking Nigerians for fools? We should stop listening to Obasanjo, he means no good’ he said.  Photo Credit: Getty

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