Oba Akinolu Endorses Buhari, Assures Him Of Victory Come February 16

The Oba of Lagos, Oba Riliwanu Akiolu, has blessed and endorsed APC’s President Muhammadu Buhari as presidential candidate, assuring him of victory in the forthcoming Presidential election.

Speaking at his palace during Buhari’s visitation today at exactly 10:59 as reported, Akinolu expressed his happiness to receive Buhari and his campaign team. He appreciated the President’s efforts as a highly respected person in the country and thanked him for his achievements since he assumed office.

The traditional ruler and Chairman, Lagos State Traditional Council of Obas and Chiefs assured the President of victory come February 16, and urged Nigerians to give him another chance to move Nigeria forward. “Give Buhari another chance and you will see how Nigeria will move forward. “We should not go back to the past again. Now that you are here, Isha Allau, on Feb. 16, God will open the way for you. The best will happen to you,” he said.

Akinolu further mentioned that a series of requests, including mass transit and pressing issues on the Apapa ports have been put into writing, appealing to the President to look into the maters. Oba Akiolu finally presented President Buhari with a Quran as he prayed for him.

Buhari responded, commending the Oba for appreciating the efforts of his government. “I appreciate all you have said and I assure you that I will continue to do my best. “The promise we made through our party in 2015, our country needs to be secured and properly managed. If there is no security, we cannot do anything no matter your resources. We thank God our efforts have brought some fruits,” Buhari said.

He said that his government was working hard to end importation of rice and ensure self-dependence. “We can feed ourselves and the money we save, we can put it in infrastructure; we are building the roads, we are building the rails and we are building power. But the failure of former administrations in spite of enormous revenue they got to develop infrastructure is amazing,” Buhari added.

Oba Akinolu Endorses Buhari, Assures Him Of Victory Come February 16 1Photo Credit: Getty


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