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There Is Nothing Like Grazing Routes Or Grazing Reserve Law – Sen. Ajibola Bashiru

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The Spokesperson of the Nigerian Senate, Senator Ajibola Bashiru slammed President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive on the reactivation of grazing routes as a mechanism to help curb farmers’ and herdsmen’s clash. The Senator said there’s no such thing as the grazing routes and grazing reserves law in the Federal constitution of the country. Ajibola Bashiru Grazing Routes

Senator Ajibola Bashiru responded to the President’s directive during an interview with The PUNCH, statement noting that as a SAN he has never at any point seen a law of such in the constitution, he said the gazette the Nigerian leader was referring to was a product of a decree promulgated in northern Nigeria in the 1960s.
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Senator Ajibola then went further to say Nigerians should be worried and concerned over the type of legal advice he was getting from his attorney-general and his legal team, as he doubts seriously he is getting correct legal advice at all. Sen Ajibola Bashiru KOKO TV NG 2

He said;

“Nigerians should be concerned over whether the Nigerian president is actually getting the correct legal advice from his attorney-general and the legal team.
“As far as I am concerned, as a legal practitioner, there is nothing like grazing routes or grazing reserve law, in the laws of the federation of Nigeria. There is nothing like that.
“There is no federal legislation that the president can implement over such matter. The executive powers of the president merely rely on the powers of the national assembly to make laws, when you look at Section 5 of the constitution.
“Any area where the national assembly cannot make laws, and there is no express grants of powers to the president under the constitution, a purported exercise of power by the president in that regard, will be null and void because it is inconsistent with the constitution by section 1(3) of the 1999 constitution.
“I am aware that there is a northern Nigerian law on reserve and grazing routes which was promulgated by a 1964 decree by the premier of the defunct northern Nigeria region.”

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He added there is no way a decree for northern Nigeria will be implemented as federal law. Bashiru added;

“It is not a federal law unless the legal adviser to Mr President is equating a northern Nigeria law, which is not applicable in the west, mid-west, and eastern region or in anywhere in the southern part of Nigeria, to be a federal or a Nigerian law.
“The president does not have the power to implement that law because it is not a federal law. He can only implement federal legislation made by the national assembly or deemed to have been made by the national assembly.
“The grazing routes law is not a national assembly law, so there is nothing for the president to implement. It is regrettable that the president has not been properly advised by his attorney-general and the legal team.”

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