Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Not Good Enough! Stunning Girlfriend Dumps Liverpool Goalkeeper Loris Karius After Champions League Final Performance

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Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius is apparently not having a good time after he cost his team two goals in the Champions League final against Real Madrid last month.And after they lost 3-1, his rumoured stunning reality TV star girlfriend Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack, has seemingly confirmed they’ve split after she was bombarded by abuse from sick trolls. “This weekend I have been called every offensive name under the sun, with `whore’ being the most common,” she posted on social media, according to media report.“I have been threatened that I will be stabbed in my organs, that my family will be killed, being told they are already dead, being told to kill myself, that the Russian mafia are after me etc etc. I’ve laughed it off, deleted as many comments as I can, because I do think you’re all a bunch of lunatics. However in what world is this okay?” she continued, “I’m honestly baffled at the sanity of some people.”She then went on to insist that she’s completely single – despite being pictured buying groceries with the footballer just weeks ago. “I’m not entirely sure what I have been accused of in the Russian press but I have been SINGLE for the last year,” the model.“If you’re thinking of sending me another message telling me to ‘die bitch’ blah blah blah just take a minute to assess your life.”Photo Credit: Getty

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