Nollywood Needs More Distribution Channels For It To Grow – Efa Iwara

Actor, Efa Iwara, has said that Nollywood is in dire need of a proper distribution structure that would help spread its movies as far as possible. Efa Iwara

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Efa Iwara said, I have said it before and I will continue to say it that we need to work on our distribution. We are a country of over 200 million and we still show our movies in cinemas in only a few states. The reason why Hollywood movies such as ‘Avengers’ can be made is because they have a wide distribution network. So, they can invest millions of Dollars and recoup it. Until we find a way to recoup the money spent on productions, it would always be difficult to make movies in Nollywood. If we could have a distribution network that would help us earn more, then we can invest more and make better movies.”

Efa Iwara also maintained that he was not overwhelmed by fame. He said, “I won’t say I am overwhelmed by fame. I would rather say I am grateful. I try to live a very simple life. I don’t think of it as fame; I think of it as people appreciating what I do. I am happy to have conversations with my fans when I can. They are the ones that put me here because they like what I do. I am never overwhelmed by fame. I am probably more excited to see people than they are excited to see me. It shows that what I am doing is affecting lives and making them happy.”
Recounting his journey in Nollywood, he said, “I remember going for a few auditions here and there as far back as 2010. I also recall that I was in MTV Shuga in 2013 but no one seems to remember that. After that, I decided to focus on my music career. In 2016 I decided to take acting more seriously again and I am grateful to have come this far. I am still looking forward to doing a lot more in the years ahead.”
On the kind of roles he likes playing, Efa Iwara said, “I try to act roles that are very different from my personality. In ‘Rumour Has It,’ I acted as a psychopath. In ‘Ajoche,’ I played the role of a bald-headed stammering who later became a full grown hairy tyrant. There is beauty in diversity, so I try to emulate that in my creativity.”
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