There Is No Disharmony Between Me And Ortom – Bala Mohammed Apologises Over Farmers-Herders Crisis Statement

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has tendered an apology to Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, saying there is no disharmony between them.
This is coming three days after Governor Ortom declared that Bala Mohammed seemingly has a hand in the operations of the bandits, and if anything happens to him as he has been threatened with assassination by the bandits, the Governor should be held responsible.
Speaking while addressing newsmen, Bala Mohammed, who had openly backed the Fulani-herdsmen in carrying AK47 assault weapons said he will do everything on his part to ensure that the issue between them is deescalated and does not bring issues to their party and the national unity. “There is no disharmony between me and my brother and my friend in Benue. We are just having the courage to discuss a burning national issue and I am happy that Nigerians have the opportunity to discuss this issue, and we are going to do everything on my own part to make sure we deescalate in a manner that will not bring injury to our party and to our national unity”, he began.
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Noting that he didn’t do anything to hurt anyone, Bala Mohammed insisted that what he said is the truth. He then apologised to people who may have been hurt. “I was not doing anything in anyway to insult or to cause any injury to my brother and bros and friend that we have worked together at the cabinet and now as Governors. And I want to use this opportunity to apologise to my various constituencies especially the National Assembly if what I said – the truth – has injured their sensibilities or it has touched on their privilege as we used to say in parliamentary palace/ I was doing it out of the spirit of nationalism and patriotism”, he added.Bala Mohammed
Bala Mohammed then directed some words again to Governor Samuel Ortom, insisting that he has no apologies for speaking the truth as the truth will always be injurious when said.
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“At the same time the Governors if they feel that what I have said was also injurious to them, I apologise to them and feel sorry for them. And indeed all Nigerians, but I have seen the discussion but certainly as I said my brother,  I have no apologies for saying the truth but sometimes you will say the truth and it will be injurious.”, he concluded.
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