No Be Everyday Bra, Sometimes, Make Breast Rest – Teni

Teni Makanaki
Teni has emphasised on the need for women to allow their mammary glands breath and not have them choked up in the 2-piece undergarment designed to support or cover them.
She took to the street of Twitter to dish out the golden advice which has not been proven medically to have any good effect or consequence. “No be everyday bra, sometimes make breast rest!”, she wrote.
A tweep, however, looked into the effect of not wearing bras. “What of sagging breast? They will be the cynosure of all eyes including you teni”, he wrote.
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Replying, the singer said sagging breast is not a sin and the glands should be left to rest as she said earlier. “Sagging breast no be sin! Make breeze blow the breast Abeg”, she answered. Photos Credit: Instagram

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