No Be Every Pu**y You Fit Use Do One-Night Stand – Harrysong

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Harrysong  believes that it is not every woman that can be dumped easily after sex by a man.

HarrysongUsing his sister as an example, he explained that her boyfriend had tried breaking up with her, but that did not work as she had her own strategy.

He stated that since 2013, the boyfriend had tried breaking up with her, but she got pregnant and gave birth to twins, so now the man is left with no choice but to continue the relationship.

He explained that she is now pregnant for the second time and the twins already refer to the man as “Daddy”.

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Sharing his advice on his Instagram page, Harrysong wrote, “My sister boyfriend still dey try to break up with my sister since 2013 say him no dey do again, as him complains start, nai she carry belle for am born twins as I dey talk so she don carry another belle, dey call am daddy, him still dey say him no dey do again, first advice: na woman dey make relationship work and break relationship when she’s done, last advice, no be every pussy man fit take do one night stand…get sense.”Photo Credit: Instagram

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