Nkechi Blessing Slams Trolls Saying DJ Cuppy’s Fiancé Cheated On Her

nkechi blessing

Controversial actress, Nkechi Blessing has dropped her two cents following the alleged claims that DJ Cuppy’s fiancé cheated on her before their engagement.nkechi blessing

Earlier the association of online inlaws have dug up videos of DJ Cuppy’s fiance, Ryan Taylor being involved with another woman, weeks before their engagement. According to the videos on social media, Taylor was spotted with UK influencer, Fiona Michelle, shortly before the news of his engagement to DJ Cuppy.

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Fiona had posted a TikTok video in November with a mystery man whose tattoos matched that of Taylor. Following the news on socials, Nkechi Blessing who has been involved in a series of scandalous relationships has thrown her weight in support of the billionaire’s daughter Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy over the drama surrounding her relationship.
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According to Nkechi Blessing, in Nigeria, happiness gives a lot of people a headache. She noted that nobody dug out issues about Cuppy when she was single. However, immediately Nigerians noted that she has gained love and happiness, and they began to dig their graves. Lamenting, Nkechi Blessing asked who turned Nigerians into unhappy lots. she added that what has happened is a sign of pure witchcraft. She wrote: Welcome to Nigeria where your happiness gives a lot of people headache…when Cuppy was single nobody bothered to dig into her single life to know why she’s single, small happiness una don dey dug una grave… who do una this thing ehh Nigerians? pure witchcraft!!!

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