Nipsey Hussle’s Mother, Angelique Smith, Reveals She Visited A Medium Who Told Her Nipsey Chased His Killer

The mother of the murdered rapper, Nipsey Hussle, has shared that she has been communicating with her son through a medium. Nipsey’s mother, Angelique Smith, revealed that after her son was shot dead by Eric Holder, his spirit rose out of his body and chased his killer. She said in the video that surfaced online that: “His spirit came up out of his body, immediately. The medium told me that he told her that he chased Eric Holder. His spirit, his spirit chased after him, like a superhero, you know? He came out of his body, he said, ‘quickly,’ and there was especially no pain. And like a superhero, he was already chasing, you know? But what did he do at first? He shook his hand. He was a gentleman. My son was a gentleman.” The reaction to the revelation was however not expected as many people found it hard to believe. Although many shared that they understood that she needed closure, they however disapproved of the psychic she visited saying most of them are just actors trying to make money. See the replies below…

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