Saturday, April 1, 2023

Nigerians Responsible For Making Herdsmen Pick Up Weapons – Sheik Gumi

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Prominent Northern Islamic cleric and scholar, Sheik Ahmad Gumi aka Sheik Gumi has said in a recent interview that he blames the government, journalist and every other person in the country except for the herdsmen themselves for being responsible of picking up weapons and arms to protect themselves.Sheik Gumi

During the interview with TVC, the Sheik said that the Fulani herdsmen resorted to taking up arms after they had been constantly brutalised over the years by security forces and neglected by the government.
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He said no one in the totality of things was left out, in the blam game except the herdsmen themselves, he said the media had played its part by polarising the country and by stirring up ethnic chauvinism.

He said;

“I blame everybody, from the President to you, the man speaking. I blame everybody. It is a combination of small, small issues here and there that produced this monster. Everybody is at fault. I don’t want any Nigerian to exonerate himself.
“The media plays a part by polarising the nation. Even journalists helped in stirring this ethnic chauvinism we see all over the country. Government has neglected these people all along and they were using a hammer to kill a fly.
“To the southern Nigerians, #EndSARS is not a reason to understand why these herdsmen took up weapons. They were brutalised by the military, not only the police, for a lot of time, and not only in this regime. We should not be surprised.”

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