Thursday, May 19, 2022

Nigerian Sex Workers Using Online Platform To Advertise Their Services

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In recent times, the advent of social media has paved the way for individuals in Nigeria to find a way around the problem of unemployment as they have begun to use various platforms for business purposes to showcase their goods, talents and skills which in turn churns in some income to them.
Commercial sex workers are not left out as they have grabbed such opportunity to ply their trade online. The tech savvy among them have ditched their old fashioned modus operandi of hanging by the road side at red light districts in a city like Lagos.
Some are still glued to remain by road side waiting for patrons, some have decided to take their business to the social media which they believe is more classy, profitable and safe. These ladies make use of some social media platforms to attract clients but in coded forms.

They have their terms and condition which you either accept or decline. On their platforms, they make use of raunchy pictures and lascivious languages to advertise themselves to the public and prospective customers.
Some even go to various dating app to show case their business and promises people they chat that they will have a good time, hence closing deal and getting customer. Some technology guru go as far as creating websites and the sites keep popping up on different sites .

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