Nigerian actress, Uche Jombo, has called out politicians in Nigerian for exhibiting no sign of shame in their actions.

In a Twitter post she made, she wrote that these politicians are very shameless. Some netizens supported her statement while others also advised her not to mingle with politicians before they come for her head.

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“Nigerian political class are really shameless,” she wrote in the tweet.

Uche JomboNigeria politicians have been considered by many for doing bizarre things. From corruption to many things that clearly affect the entire country in a very bad way. Many decisions made by politicians in power have brought Nigeria on its knees over the years, from being one of the richest countries in Africa to being one of the poorest as of now.

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Most politicians with higher government positions go abroad for better health care and education for their children, while they look on as their country’s necessities get washed down the drain.

Just like many of her colleagues, Uche Jombo has equally been through the trauma in Nigeria caused by these politicians.

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