Nigerian Government To Make “Illegal Refineries” Legal As From December

The Nigerian government has stated that at the end of 2017, illegal crude refining in Nigeria will become legalized. The government has also promised to supply these companies with crude at regular basis.This was demanded by community leaders to ensure peace in the Niger Delta communities. This was made known by the presidency on Thursday, after the Niger Delta leaders threatened to withdraw from peace talks with the government unless their demands are met by November 1. “The Federal Government has started the process of replacing illegal refineries in the region with modular ones,” Acting President Yemi Osinbajo said as he met Niger Delta community leaders in Abuja. The statement had also read that each of the Niger Delta states would receive two modular refineries to start up in the fourth quarter. The community leaders were pleased with the outcome of the meeting. “The meeting was excellent. We met with Mr Acting President and the discussion was very honest, truthful, forthright. We are very, very satisfied. No more ultimatum,” Edwin Clark, who is the head of the community leaders, revealed to reporters. Photo Credit: Getty

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