Nigerian Christian Life Coach Has This To Say About Sex And Christianity

Nigerian life coach and born again christian, Allison Bisongs Hyacintho, shared a post on Facebook, addressing sex in a christian marriage.
According to his post, he used a couple , his friends as reference points. Allison stated that he wasn’t too comfortable sharing the story, but he had to in order to make people understand that born again christians don’t live boring life, even in their marital relationships.

Here’s what he penned down:
“I Don’t feel too comfortable sharing this, but my big mouth will just not let me. Ummm, this is to teach somebody out there that believers ‘re not boring people, neither are we missing anything by doing things the Jesus way.
Some time ago a pastor friend of mine got married and it was awesome for me, a very special guy. Him and his bae dated for nearly 4years without sex, no kissing, no touching, no laying of hands in dangerous places, no please-let-me-touch-it-small, I mean nothing sexual, they were both believing God through faith that they are sexually compatible, relevant on the marriage bed…”

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