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Nigeria Zip Codes And Postal Codes | All You Need To Know

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Different geographical locations in Nigeria have different postal codes. Nigeria is divided into nine regions, and the first three figures of a postal code are determined by which geographical region the final destinations fall under. The last three figures tell the address the parcel is to be delivered.

Zip code

Zip Codes are primarily used in the US and the Philippines, while postal codes are utilized in over a hundred other countries aside from Nigeria. Furthermore, zip codes came into existence 16 years before postal codes were invented.

However, postal codes have proven more useful than zip codes. While zip codes are only for delivery, postal codes have an essential role to play when computing census and in route planning.

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No two states have the same postal code. Even within States, there are different towns, cities, villages, and districts; therefore, it is very likely for locations in a state to have varying postal codes. However, the first three digits remain the same.

Can I Send a Letter Without a Postal Code?

The essence of a postal code is to beat down the delays during sorting and delivery. This is to say that you can send letters and parcels within Nigeria even without a postal code. All you need to do is ensure the correct delivery address is stated on the parcel, do this, and let the postman do his job, although you might be leaving him with more stress than warranted.

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Nigeria Postal Service

Nigeria’s postal service was established by the British late in the 1900s. A few years later, postal codes were introduced as a definitive way of ensuring that official mails got to their destination with ease. At the time of its inception, post offices were only meant for administrative purposes.

Zip Codes are used to mark locations/regions. They are mostly requested when filling out forms that require a location. Hence, the zip codes for Nigerian states provide a means of identification for the residents of the different states.

Whether online or offline job application, registration, or purchase, your zip code is important.

It’s important that you know the accurate zip code for your state of residence, and if you’ve been having any doubts about the accurate zip code for your state, this post is for you.

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What Is ZIP Code

Zip code is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan Code; it was introduced by the united state postal service (USPS) in 1963. Hence, the acronym “Zip Code” is used specifically by the United States of America; while other countries like Nigeria use “Postal Codes”, which functions as the zip code. The zip codes for Nigeria states comprises of 6-digit numbers; the first three digits represent the regional set of numbers while the last three digits denote the delivery location (post office or urban area).

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Accurate ZIP Code For Nigerian States

Abia 440001
Adamawa 640001
Akwa Ibom 520001
Anambra 420001
Bauchi 740001
Bayelsa 561001
Benue 970001
Borno 600001
Crossriver 540001
Delta 320001
Ebonyi 840001
Edo 300001
Ekiti 362001
Enugu 400001
Gombe 760001
Imo 460001
Jigawa 720001
Kaduna 800001
Kano 700001
Kastina 820001
Kebi 860001
Kwara 240001
Kogi 260001
Lagos 101001(Island)/100001(Mainland)
Nassarawa 962001
Niger 920001
Ogun 110001
Ondo 340001
Osun 230001
Oyo 200001
Plateau 930001
Rivers 500001
Sokoto 840001
Taraba 660001
Yobe 320001
Zamfara 860001
F.C.T 900001


Is 23401 the Nigeria Zip code?

Many people confuse +23401 or 23401 as Nigeria’s Zip Code, that information is not entirely accurate.

23401 is Nigeria’s “International Dialing Code”, not the Zip/Postal Code. Many people make the mistake of using the Nigeria international dialing code when they are asked to provide their Zip Code. Though in some cases, 23401 can serve as Nigeria’s country code. The next paragraph will tell you more.

Whose Zip Code is 23401?

23401 is not a Zip Code. However, when you are asked to fill a form that requires your country’s (Nigeria) code, you can make use of 23401 or 00176, or 11001.

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