Nigeria Need Parliamentary System Of Government – Peter Obi


Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), has advocated for a parliamentary system of government that would allow the president to engage with citizens on a monthly basis.

atikuHe spoke at a lecture at Harvard Law School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where he advocated for a parliamentary system of government in Nigeria.

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Obi noted that the presidential system is not working well in Nigeria, hence the country continues to have bad leaders who stay in office for four years without being accountable to the people.

He said: “What happens is, because of the presidential system that has no president in Nigeria today, we have a bad leader and he stays there for four years. When we have a parliamentary system, we can move a motion of no confidence within two or three years.READ ALSO: Dangote Refinery Slashes Diesel Price By ₦200, Now Sell At ₦1,000 Per Litre
“If we are in a parliamentary system, a president will be a member of parliament.

“Today, if you elect me as president of Nigeria or governor, I can remove myself entirely from being answerable to the people, just hire a gang of lunatics, talking rubbish every day.

“While, if it is a parliamentary system, during the president’s question time, he has to answer. He doesn’t have to hire anybody to speak for him.

“A president in Nigeria can decide not to talk to anybody for one year and nobody cares because he has hired all these people who do the talking. If you say anything, they call you names, they do this.

“So, we need a parliamentary system where the president will be a member of parliament and will at least, even if it is once a month, answer the people who elected him; because we didn’t elect all these gangsters. We elected somebody and we want the person to talk to us.”


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