Nigeria Leads In Global Asylum Claims To Canada Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

In a report released by Quartz Africa, Nigeria takes the lead in global asylum claims to Canada despite travel restrictions. Canada global asylum claim

Nigerians have taking to filing asylum claims to get into Canada and have since overtaken China at its spot as the country with the highest number of claims in 2016 and have since held the spot .

The report reveals that the number of Canadian Permanent Residency permit issued to Nigerians has tripled since 2015. Stating that in 2019 alone, 12,595 Nigerians were issued the permit.

These figures are of those who moved into the country through its skilled workers immigration program and now Nigerians have resorted into other means to get into the country.

In the report, it was stated that Nigeria is about to end 2020 with the highest number of finalized claims i.e claims that were either accepted, rejected, abandoned or withdrawn for the fourth consecutive year.

Nigeria’s claim to the spot is despite the travel restrictions caused by the COVID19 pandemic. It has been recorded that Canada has since a 71% drop in finalized asylum claims this year has a result of the pandemic.

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