National Industrial Court Orders Kogi State Govt To Pay Former Deputy Governor Simon Achuba N180m

The National Industrial Court has ordered the Kogi State Government to pay its former deputy governor, Simon Achuba, the sum of N180 million. Simon Achuba vs Kogi State Government

The former Deputy Governor of Kogi State who had filed a lawsuit against the Kogi State government, shortly after he was impeached in October 2019 by the Kogi State House Of Assembly.

The Former deputy governor Simon Acuba who asked the court to declare the withholding of his allowances as an unfair labour practice asked for the sum of N921,572,758 for security vote, monthly impress, travelling allowances, outstanding memos, and statutory allocations due to his office, as then deputy governor.

A judgement was delivered today Wednesday, November 4 on the Lawsuit by Justice Oyebiola Oyebunmi who said a sum of N180million should be paid to Simon Achuba as outstanding security votes due to him since April 2018 to August 2019.

The said amount is to be paid to Achuba by the state government within the period of 30 days or 30% interest will be paid monthly.

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