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The fullest and most authentic review of the slot Lucky Eggsplorer slot!

Read the complete review of the Lucky Eggsplorer Slot!

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The Lucky Eggsplorer slots game is a neat new slots game with five reels and 30 possible paylines. The Lucky Eggsplorer is designed by Microgaming and is unique - this slots game was released this April. It is intended as an Easter game, in light of the idea of Easter eggs that are such a central part of the holiday.

The betting range for Lucky Eggsplorer is extensive, and at this online slots game, wagers can go from as low as a single cent to as high as 75$. The maximum payout for Lucky Eggsplorer is very generous, and lucky online slots players can pocket up to 6000 coins on a single spin. The Lucky Eggsplorer is a relatively advanced online slots game. Thus, there are several bonus features that make the online slot gaming experience of Lucky Eggsplorer all the more exciting.

In addition, the game Lucky Eggsplorer boasts some of the most pleasing graphics of online slots games and excellent and highly amusing sounds and music. The game's motif is the sea adventure of a bunch of chickens. This motif is intended to be humorous, and the fun of Lucky Eggsplorer is full of clever puns and funny scenes that befit a slots game of this sort. 

This Slot Theme is beautiful!

The theme of this slots game is a parody of the world-famous explorer Captain Cook. Thus Lucky Eggsplorer players are invited to join the wacky Captain Chook and his equally wacky (or should I say quacky?) crew on their journey aboard the Endfeather to seas where no chicken has sailed before (these chickens are not chicken!). The various characters in this wacky slots parody are reflected as symbols in the Lucky Eggsplorer game. The most important of these symbols is the illustrious Captain Chook himself, who serves as the wild symbol and thus helps his crewmates achieve winning combinations. Since no excellent sea adventure could take place without a unique map, this slots game reflects this, with the MAP symbol being the scatter symbol of the game and the trigger for the bonus spins feature.

When the bonus spins feature is triggered on the Lucky Eggsplorer game, the slot player must choose between several cartoon characters. This choice determines the multiplier granted to the next five free spins won. The free spins then promptly commence. The bonus spins in this slot game are known as the journey feature. This slots game has another game that can be played after every win. This option is a straightforward guessing game. The Lucky Eggsplorer player can choose to either guess colour or suit. If he decides to guess the colour and guess correctly, he doubles his winnings, and if he decides to guess suit and guesses correctly, he quadruples his winnings. This guessing game is an optional feature, and Lucky Eggsplorer players cannot play it if they are not feeling up to it. 

Get all benefits of the online game Lucky Eggsplorer 2022!

Lucky Eggsplorer is a fun slots game with lots of potential, and it is clear that the game designers put a lot of thought and effort into producing a quality online slots game well worth playing. It seems clear that there will be several online slot players who will be finding themselves playing Lucky Eggsplorer this Easter. It will undoubtedly help them get into the holiday spirit most humorously. 


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