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How to choose a betting provider for sports betting

What is a young bettor's main concern when looking for a sports betting provider? Reviews and reputation of the office? The value of the odds? Easy withdrawal? Quality of bonuses? These questions are naturally important. But the most important thing is not to fall for a crook, as it will be impossible to get a payout from the account from this office. 

That is why you should start with tips and recommendations about choosing a bookmaker for sports betting from the subject of whether the bookmaker has a license and whether the office itself is legal in your country. Why is it so important? The answer is on the surface, playing on a pseudo legal club is fraught: 

  • The need to regularly search for mirrors or use a VPN, as entry to the website of the office is often blocked by the fiscal services.
  • Blocking of bank cards due to transactions with suspicious projects.
  • Refunds of winning bets at odds of 1.
  • Cancellation of an account with a large amount of money.
  • Using your personal details, as well as a variety of bank card information, to steal money. 

If the bookmaker works strictly according to the license, you can forget about these problems. 

Now we will go over the key (standard) parameters when choosing a bookmaker office. 

The history of the resource

Age of the service can tell a lot. If the office on the market for more than five years, then this is a solid project. Today, engage in long fraud is simply unrealistic - there are many sites specializing in the evaluation of bookmakers, which determine the fraud or other dubious projects. 

Number of bets

If the bookmaker offers its own players a wide range of bets, it's a very good sign. Bettilt, for example, offers an excellent selection of sports betting. It should be noted that many bookmakers do things easier and offer only the most popular matches. It is important to find an office that offers all leagues, including youth leagues. First of all, with these leagues it is much easier and simpler to determine the result. Many experienced bettors will place their bets on those leagues only, as it's easier to see the obvious superiority of a team and a lot of goals. 

The usual types of bets such as total, second-half results, etc. are available. A reliable bookmaker with a long-term plan is trying to offer a wider selection of sports bets for your own gamer, like the number of yellow or red cards, a goal from any player, sending off, offside or free kicks. This all provides great opportunities to create your own strategy. 

A number of bookmakers, apart from sports betting, offer to predict the outcome of other events, for example elections or world song contests. That would also mean the bookmaker is actually trying to organise favourable conditions for his own bettor. 

The odds

If the bookmaker sets the margin at around 7% it is a bad sign. The current best betting odds for pre-match would be 3-5%. It should be noted that due to various peculiarities, the percentage goes up to 11%, but only in LIVE mode. So try to understand the percentage of the current margin beforehand, it will help you determine the honesty and reliability of the bookmaker's office. 

Financial considerations

It is important for the player to be able to safely and comfortably make a deposit and, of course, withdraw money. It is worth investigating the bookmaker's transaction methods. It will be better to go to the bookmaker's website by yourself and not to trust the reviews about the bookmaker - sometimes the information is outdated (some deposit option does not work) or not detailed (only some methods are presented). 

Also, you should check your winnings tax policy, so you will not be surprised if some of your winnings are withheld. 

Bonus policy

It is worth paying your attention to the ways of wagering bonuses, this is extremely important. After all, sometimes the bookmaker's office sets fundamentally unrealistic targets to meet. So for example they give you 200% bonus on deposit, with a 5X wager. This means you need to win back your own deposit, and besides the bonus itself five times, of course, to do it is extremely difficult. Additionally, bookmakers often set a mandatory odds of 1.9. As a result will be counted bets only if the coefficient will be higher than this value. The bettor may be more experienced if they have their own strategies and know how to predict the outcome of matches. Nevertheless, if you have no experience, it is easier to refuse such a bonus, or you will lose your own money, and rather quickly.


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