Guys: Ways To Break That Special Girl Defence Wall

When you are the special, to win her heart you must let her know that she is the centre of the universe. This is achievable by simply just being yourself.
It is expected to let that special lady feel love and the guys should actually look at her with love in your eyes, also never be to afraid to say something nice to once often.
Here are ways to break a lady defence wall:
Transparency is key because transparency will ensure that the right girl will be attracted to you. Being transparency will also let the lady see as someone honest and somewhat a serious companion.
Nothing makes a lady melt for a guy more than giving her a listening ear. Keep wanting to know more about her. Always listen to every word she says, most times when a lady is upset and that start talking about what happens, she appreciates the guy to be silent and hear out, then in a FEW situation quickly chip in a word of encouragement to her. Doing this will let her see you as someone who have her back and cares for and this goes a long way.

Surprise her with things she wants and things she want (what she had told or what she wants but wont say). For example you were both walking and she saw a beautiful necklace and she said “wow, this is a beautiful necklace o” you can surprise her by getting it for her and make it a surprise. She wont forget this kind gesture and she will hold you in high regard eventually open up and developing feelings for you.
When you two engage in a competitive sport either playing game. Always let her win and compliment her, telling her how great she is in that particular game. If its soccer, let her always have her way in terms of the goal. Winning makes a lady happy and her happinessĀ  will gradually ignite feelings for the guy.

Always observe the slightest change in her, may be her hair, colour of her eye lash, lip stick, earrings, necklace, shoes, purses and even clothe. Also don’t forget to always compliment her telling her how beautiful she is on it. Ladies loves compliment and always noticing each change and compliment her will definitely make seem like their ideal kind of guy.

Having said all these, here are the list of things you should never do:
Don’t be creepy.
Don’t be an idiot.
Don’t be an asshole.
Always dress to impress and be clean.
Don’t be flirting with other ladies when with her.

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