Monday, December 6, 2021

New Zealand Couple Wins Case To Name Son ‘Lucifer’

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A New Zealand couple from Chesterfield, Derbyshire have won a court battle to name their four-month-old son “Lucifer” after a registrar had tried to stop them.

The registrar argued on the basis that the name was closely related with the Devil and would be wrong for the child.

The father, Dan who works as a plant hire company boss made  ovethe complaint regarding treatment being meted out to him and his wife at the registration office, following the choice of name for the sun.

He said,

We were really excited to go and get him registered but the woman looked at us in utter disgust.

“She told us he would never be able to get a job, and that teachers wouldn’t want to teach him.

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“I tried to explain that we are not religious people, and Lucifer in Greek means ‘light-bringer’ and ‘morning’ but she wouldn’t listen.

“She even told us that it was illegal to name a child that in New Zealand and that maybe we could name him something else but refer to him as Lucifer at home.

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“We were gobsmacked with her behaviour. Eventually she did it, but it was through gritted teeth.

“Honestly, we just thought it was a nice name . . . a unique one. We didn’t expect to get so much grief about it.”New ZealandPhoto Credit: Getty

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