Negotiating With With Bandits Is Not A Sign Of Failure – Bello Matawalle

Governor Of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, has slammed the thoughts that engaging in negotiations with Bandits isn’t a sign of failure and rather a means to bringing peace to the country and help douse the rising ethnic tension across the country. Bello Matawalle

Governor Zamafara Bello made this statement on Monday, February 22, while receiving three repentant bandits who surrendered their weapons and took an oath to never engage in banditry again as they embraced the state’s administration peace deal.

Gov Bello Matawalle said no matter the situation of things in the world, dialogue on a table is always the way forward. He noted that it was a huge achievement to see more some bandit surrender their weapons which to a large extent is an indicator of success in the state’s bid to reduce the capacity and capability of the killer bandit sect.

“It is not a failure or thing of failure for someone to initiate dialogue. Nowhere in the world is succeeding without coming to the table to sit down and negotiate.
Just for today, the weapons we have here show and indicate the successes we have recorded because leaving this kind of dangerous weapons in the bush can create a lot of havoc.
By bringing them to the security agencies, we have reduced their capacity and capability. Allowing these weapons to carry their weapons round to communities, cross-border to other states, that is what has made Nigeria be in the hot seat as of today.”Gov Bello Matawalle said

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